World Snakes Day


World Snakes Day, is a  special day which is set aside to celebrate snakes in the world, it is held every year on July 16, with the aim of increasing awareness of the importance snake species in our ecosystem. Believe me, the play a huge role in our ecosystem, And guess what? Not all of them are as scary or poisonous as we believe they are. These unique creatures are often not given the recognition they deserve just because of the bad reputation they have earned over the years. For instance, a friend who is a traitor is known as a ‘snake’, “She is a snake in a green grass”.  So today being recognised as world snakes day aims at changing the negative perception surrounding snakes and promoting the love for all living beings — even the ones we fear.

So we at Biodiversity Preservation Center needs your support in protecting the snakes and their natural habitats in southern Nigeria.

Will you help the rarest of the rare?
At this critical point in history, we must work together to prevent extinctions. Biodiversity Preservationb Center, Uyo has been fighting on the frontline of conservation for the past years, but we cannot protect species without you.

Will you donate today to protect species in the future?

Whatever you give, your gift could go a long way to help protect species on the brink of extinction for the next 100 years.